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  1. 36 year old woman dating a 23 year old guy?
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Well, put it this way He will probably eventually see someone his own age. Like Kutcher and Demi Moore. Sad to say if you have to ask that you may be chronologically 36 but your mentality and maturity level may not have caught up yet. So to answer your question, probably not many. It could work, if you want kids together, and he is really mature I think it's all good. Related Questions Please tell me what a 36 year old man could have in common with a 23 year old woman?

Do you think a relationship between a 23 year old guy and 39 year old woman could work? My friend is 20 and shes dating a 36 year old guy.

36 year old woman dating a 23 year old guy?

Answer Questions Did he like me? Is it a fair reason to avoid being in a relationship with someone? What are the requirements to date a Jewish girl in a highschool? What did he do this for? I cannot sit here and explain every single detail of my relationship in order to get some opinions from you all, but I will do the best I can do express the status of my relationship. We have a very loving, almost child like, relationship.

21 year old girl wants to date a 36 year old guy? - ndepefonerga.gq Community Forums

Our best friends are a couple, so all four of us have this tight knit connection and companionship that I wouldn't change for the world.. I love this man and he encourages me to get to know his mom, he has invited me over for thanksgiving, Christmas, and not to mention I was his date to his buddies wedding last year in October which was beautiful besides the pouring rain!

I do feel entirely blessed to have such an amazing, caring partner by my side. Does he really care about me? If I hadn't of gone into details of our relationship, what could I go by?


Do older men really just want a younger woman? Will he trade me out for an 18 or 21 year old when I hit 30?

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Will we make it by the time I'm 30? I feel like he does love me, but I also sense fear and insecurity in him. I want him to recognize what he wants..

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He has verbally told me that he wants a true companion, and someone who will commit to him. I am that person. But I cannot help but fear for the breaking of my heart. I have never questioned an age difference before.

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I believe it all depends on how the two individuals interact and connect. I think I am so in love with him, I am double checking just about everything I can.

tabtiresamga.tk Since I cannot explain every detail, please ask me questions so I can furthermore get your best opinion. I just want to know from men if older men really do OR don't care about their young female partners. Delete Report Edit Lock Reported.

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  4. I think sometimes even if someone my age is interested that its possible that I just dont pick up on it. Younger woman seems to be less subtle I suppose? Please note that I do not go out and seek younger woman at all. For some reason every single girl Ive dated Ive met at work as opposed to meeting out. When I was 28 I met a 20 year old girl and we were together for 3 years.

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    4. Second girlfriend since late 20s until now was 20 and I was 31, we too were together for 3 years. They both ultimately ended because the girls would inverably begin to change and have a tendency to start partying with new sets of friends they went on to meet. Usually I would just drop off the face of the earth after the breakup. Ive had a total of three LT girlfriends abd basically they all ended the same way.

      Now the first two tried to come back hard after a long period of time My last ex hasnt yet but its only been a year and a half so who knows Needless to say I am pretty experienced with the younger set at this point in my life. So given what Ive said Share Share this post on Digg Del. Last edited by click1; 26th October at Well, what are you looking for? Something long term, in the sense of committment, leading to marriage? Chances are, a younger woman, especially at 21 isn't looking to get married and have kids..