My mom is dating my best friend

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  1. Ask the counselor: My friend is dating my mum
  2. Dear John: I’m Dating My Mom’s Friend
  3. Dating my son's friend. | The Imperfect Mum
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It is only a matter of time before reality checks in and he realises he is spending too much time with someone old enough to be his mother.

Ask the counselor: My friend is dating my mum

She is giving him what he needs and he is giving her what she needs. Maybe you should focus more on happiness than what people think. Unless you wanted the man for yourself I do not see what the problem is. Are you saying that your mum has no rights to love? What people will say is also a very lame excuse.

Dear John: I’m Dating My Mom’s Friend

I know we live in a demented society but reinforcing the ideologies of what age should be with who is unacceptable. Perhaps living in another country will make you feel better but it will not take away the problem. At 28, you should be able to deal with this and understand that there are bigger things to worry about in life. My dear, pray about it. Please send comments and stories to womentoday newtimes.

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View the discussion thread. At my young sister's graduation a year ago, I invited him and he really made an impression with my family. Have Your Say Leave a comment. Stenin press photo contest opens for entries.

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Is it wrong for me to love someone who is friends with my son? Is it wrong of us to be together? If it is a choice between my son or my lover it would always be my child, but will he hate me or accept us as a happy couple? I don't want to give up my lover only to find later that my son would have been fine with it.

Please be honest but somewhat gentle as I am feeling a little fragile right now. I think it is wrong. My father started dating my friend who was a couple years older than me. It was weird to say the least!

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They actually made it work for about 7 years, got married and had a child together but in the end it didn't work and caused huge problems between my father and I, my friend and I, my father and everyone in the family etc. There are plenty of fish in the sea If you really think you are in love with this "man" than I would speak to your son about it before you go any further.

Dating my son's friend. | The Imperfect Mum

You really should have discussed it with him first because now it may make it worse that you have been seeing him behind his back. You also have to remember this guy is only 19 he's got a lot of learning and growing up to do before he can settle down especially with someone who is a lot older, mature then him and someone who has children. Just a thought - what happens if this boy decides he wants children sometime in the future? Can you give that to him?

Most Helpful Girl

Honestly, I think it's wrong too. This boy is not a fully grown man.

He hasn't even matured completely yet. Honestly, I think you would be restricting his future by being with him.

Telling My Best Friend I Like Him... *PRANK*

I know my words are harsh but if my honest opinion isn't what you would like to hear, then I don't believe this was the right place to post your question. Id stop seeing him. If this was a man seeing his daughters best friend you would be appalled! It's not worth the rift in your family and there are plenty of other men out there. The problem is, I know how this is going to go over. I thought maybe going away for the holiday would solve everything, but nope, he wants to enjoy the day in his own house.

This was the first time in this whole thing I thought he was being unreasonable. I suspect a lot of readers would like this kind of break every once in a while. Our daughter is engaged to be married to a great guy. They are coming east for a visit in a few weeks and the six of us the four parents plus our two engaged kids have made plans to spend a day together to show them around and get to know one another. Our future son-in-law has taken the extraordinary step of warning us that his father has some, shall we say, extreme political views and he seems to take a perverse pleasure in provoking people with them and badgering them under the guise of a lively discussion about politics.

Frankly, the way he was described, he sounds like a major jerk. My husband and I are both dreading what should have been a fun, pleasant day getting to know the parents of the man our daughter is madly in love with. We have been assured that he has been warned to be on his best behavior, but I wonder if you have any thoughts or suggestions as to how we might ensure this day will be memorable for good reasons rather than terrible ones!

But for now, give this guy a chance and see how it goes. Follow-up from last week: Thanks for that excellent advice! Originally appeared at GoLocalProv. John is a middle-aged family man from Providence.