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Install Your Hot Tub On A Solid Surface
  1. Is Your Portable Spa Installation Location Accessible?
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Make sure the concrete is fully cured before placing the hot tub. Also consider decorative stamped concrete. This can be a very attractive addition. Concrete paver stones are an attractive base material available in a multitude of choices. You can do it yourself or hire a landscaping contractor. If you choose a deck installation, you have to know the maximum load capacity. You need to check with a qualified building contractor or structural engineer before placing your hot tub on an elevated deck. Find out what the filled weight is of your hot tub from the manufacturer.

Remember to add the weight of occupants. Deck designs are only limited to your imagination. Just remember to allow easy access to the spa cabinet for cleaning and maintenance. If you decide to build a deck around your spa or hot tub, be sure to allow for access to the equipment compartment panel. Special considerations need to be made for indoor installations.

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  3. How to Set up and Install a Hot Tub?
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  6. The room needs to be properly ventilated to allow moisture to escape. Using a hot tub for 15 minutes releases the same water vapor as a shower of the same time duration.

    Is Your Portable Spa Installation Location Accessible?

    A bathroom fan or venting system installation is a good idea to prevent excess condensation in the room. The hot tub will need to be placed on a suitable concrete slab or you need to verify that the supporting floor structure will accommodate the weight of the filled spa with occupants. A contractor or structural engineer can help you determine the requirements.

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    Check with the manufacturer for the specifications for the estimated weight load of the filled spa. If you are building a new room for the hot tub, a floor drain is a good plan since water potentially may be splashed from the tub. Flooring that provides a good grip for wet feet is also a plus. Full sized hot tubs and spas are usually designed to operate on hard-wired GFCI-protected V 50 amp circuits. Some hot tubs with more than one pump may require a amp service.

    These hot tubs must be wired by a qualified electrician. A manual disconnect device for your hot tub is required to be installed at least 5 feet away and within line of sight of the spa for safety according to The National Electrical Code. Make sure there is clear access to move the spa from the truck to the predetermined location. It may require to remove a section of fence, trimming tree branches, move a stack of firewood or any other protrusions that might get in the way.

    Make sure you also have overhead clearance. Make sure you know what kind of delivery is going to take place. Will you need to unload the product off of the truck?

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    Will it be delivered curbside? You may need to rent a forklift to unload a hot tub from the truck. It is your responsibility to move the spa from the curb to the set up location. Some delivery companies will do this for you for an additional fee if arranged in advance. These are available for rental. If you think there will be difficulty moving your hot tub over uneven ground or lawn, prepare a smooth runway with plywood cut into 2ft x 8 ft.

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    Hot Tubs Owners Manuals | Hot Spring Spas

    Although this is extremely rare, sometimes the setup location of the hot tub is inaccessible by easy means and a crane is required to position it. This actually costs less than you might expect, often just a few hundred dollars depending on the job. Hot water will not immediately come from the jets. Initially, the spa will take hours to a day to heat, depending on its size and other factors. Nothing is more important in promoting equipment life and healthy clean spa water than making sure your water is balanced and properly sanitized at all times.

    Once you get it balanced, the routine is easy to follow. A little advance planning and preparation will go a long way when setting up your new or used Hot Tub. This information is for educational purposes only. Consult with a qualified licensed contractor, structural engineer or local building department for structural and electrical requirements as appropriate.! Your email address will not be published. Our inventory is constantly changing. How to Set up and Install a Hot Tub To set up or install a hot tub or spa, a little advance planning and preparation will go a long way.

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