How to get back into dating after a breakup

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It amazes me sometimes that my heart is still beating.

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It just goes to show you how resilient the heart is even after repeatedly getting punched and broken. I look forward to the day this ride ends. It means that the individual is not the right person for you.

Starting Over After Heartbreak

If you like someone, let them know. Life is too short to dwell on what could be, and it may prevent you from seeing something good right in front of you.

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Even though people say they are ready to move on, they often carry past breakups with them into their next dating situation or relationship. It is sometimes hard to see outside yourself as you try to navigate through the many facets of life, but know that not everyone will walk away, or has a set goal to hurt you. We are all doing the best we can. Take it for what it is, learn from it, and move on stronger and wiser.

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There are a lot of reasons why people, who we date or have relationships with, disappear from our lives. A clean break is ideal. Sometimes people just slowly fade into the background and out of your life. Oh sure, your ego may be bruised when someone dumps you.

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You may not fully understand why and question yourself. The dumper has made the decision, which to put it plainly, sucks.

It sucks in the short-term. However, long-term, you dodged getting into what could be a miserable one-sided situation. Of course, it still hurts, and you may not believe the reason. Take it with a grain of salt. Know who you are. Know that you have so much to offer someone who will appreciate you for you.

This Is How To Get Over Your Breakup And Get Back Into The Dating Game | Thought Catalog

Do you really care why? If you can look back at your past relationships and understand your hand in their unraveling, you are ahead of the game. Take responsibility for your part in any break-up. If you find yourself in unhealthy relationships time and time again, reassess the types of people you are attracted to and determine the patterns.

Be truthful with yourself and others about your intentions. Are you looking to date around or do you want a fulfilling relationship? Whatever the case may be, be honest with yourself and those you bring into your life. Make sure you are ready and able to put the past behind you.


If you hold on to the past hurt, you will have trouble moving forward. Dating apps, dating sites and singles events are all available to you — try them out and bring some friends along for the ride. A little bit of effort will go a long way. Be Honest Trust that you, as you are, have plenty to offer.

Be honest and open both on dating sites and on dates.

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Go into each date with an open mind — this means no looking them up online beforehand. Surround Yourself With Good Friends Having someone to talk to and share your dating experiences with makes everything more fun. Supportive friends will be on hand to give you a pep talk and of course will be more than happy to have a dating debrief over a glass of wine.

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